Tails of Piedmont Park: Dutchess

Meet Dutchess, a one-year old toy poodle with kinky white hair and an adorable smile. Dutchess and her owner, Kenzie, can be found playing and running around in the small dog park donned in her pink collar, or resting on the benches under a large canopy of trees.

One week after Kenzie and Dutchess were a pair, Dutchess visited her first dog park: Piedmont Park. She was timid and scared, but with her owner and friends nearby, she soon realized that everything was ok. Dutchess now loves the dog park, and they come every weekend. Dutchess has become a very social puppy and knows that there are always lots of dogs to play with when coming to Piedmont Park. While Dutchess has been to several other dog parks, she prefers Piedmont Park’s dog parks. They are much nicer and well-maintained compared to other Atlanta off-leash dog parks. Also, they are large enough for Dutchess to run around for hours with an entire acre in the small dog park, and two acres in the large dog park.

Kenzie and Dutchess are residents of Decatur. Say hello to Dutchess and Kenzie the next time you spot them in the dog park!


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