Free Tai Chi at Green Market

Join the Piedmont Park Conservancy for complimentary Tai Chi classes in Piedmont Park! The classes will be offered near the Green Market and the Visitor’s Center on Saturday mornings from 8:45-9:45am.

Bring a water bottle and comfortable clothing for this relaxing experience! Finish your visit to Piedmont Park by enjoying food, produce, live music and more at the Green Market!

Thank you to Kaiser Permanente for presenting this free opportunity at the Green Market!

About the Instructor: 

Grace Zhao learned authentic Tai Chi from the top Tai Chi Grand Masters in China.   She took Qi Gong private training from Grand Master Wu Bin, the renowned International Martial Arts Coach for Jet Li, and received Health Qi Gong Certification from the Chinese National Health Qi Gong Association in Beijing China.  She has reviewed three major Chinese martial arts schools through visiting and learning from the roots: WuDang, ShaoLin, and ErMei.

Grace Zhao conducted academic research on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in graduate and doctoral Cross-cultural Study programs and has received Wellness Certification from the Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences.

As the MingWellness Founder & President and the Managing Director of MingWellness Tai Chi Academy, Grace Zhao has been partnering with Kaiser Permanente for the past five years in providing Tai Chi instructor resources to Kaiser’s Healthy Living program in Metro Atlanta.  In her prior professional career, she was an experienced corporate executive and management consultant working for Fortune 100 companies. She holds an MBA in Marketing from Syracuse University and completed the Executive Healthcare Education program at Kellogg School of Management.