PC: Bee Downtown

Bee Aware: Spring May Bring Honeybee Colonies to Piedmont Park

If you’ve visited Piedmont Park recently, you may have noticed something unusual in the trees near the Invesco Beehives in the Piedmont Commons. You may also wonder if it was left there on accident.

Photo Credit: Bee Downtown

These biodegradable landscaping pots were hung in the trees on purpose by our friends at Bee Downtown. The pots are called “swarm traps” and are used for best beekeeping practices from the months of March through July. Honeybee colonies grow quickly, and when they outgrow their hive, spread through a process called swarming.

PC: Bee Downtown

Photo Credit: Bee Downtown

When a colony swarms, 60% of the bees leave the hive to search for a new one. The group takes flight, clusters up and latches on to whatever they can find while scout bees look for a new home. This is where the swarm traps are put to use. They provide a home for the colony and allow Bee Downtown to safely relocate the bees to a more permanent home.

While alarming at first, honeybee swarms are harmless. The bees have no home so they have nothing to defend and their bellies are so full of honey that they can’t bend over to sting!

Photo Credit: Bee Downtown

If you see a swarm anywhere, whether it’s on a tree or in a box, please call or text the Lead BDT Beekeeper, Nick Weaver, at 678-779-8143 or Pam Allen at 770-310-1673. 

If you have any bee-related questions or concerns, please email


City Permit: Atlanta Dogwood Festival

The Atlanta Dogwood Festival

EVENT DESCRIPTION:  The 84th Annual Atlanta Dogwood Festival is an Atlanta Tradition that takes place during the Spring.

Three (3) Day Event:  4/17/2020 – 12:00PM – 11:00PM; 4/18/2020 – 10:00AM – 11:00PM; 4/19/2020 – 10:00AM – 6:00PM

LOCATION:  Piedmont Park


POSTPONED: Landmark Luncheon

Due to the latest developments around COVID-19 and the recent recommendations made by the CDC and the Mayor’s office, the Piedmont Park Conservancy has made the difficult decision to postpone both the Landmark Luncheon and the associated Patron Party. We are actively working to determine the best next steps, and those details will be released in a timely fashion.

Great cities have great parks. And at the heart of our great city lies the green heart of Atlanta — Piedmont Park. As Atlanta’s beloved public playground, Piedmont Park has been a popular gathering place for residents and visitors since 1887. Today, our great park has an even greater purpose, as an indispensable urban greenspace that brings value to businesses and homeowners and helps to clean the air and cool the city.

And like all hearts, the Green Heart of Atlanta needs some love. This year’s Landmark Luncheon will celebrate the Park’s significant contributions to the health of Atlanta, where the Future is Green.

Event Website:

Pre-Order Pick-Up Only: Green Market (Local Farmers Market)

Voted one of the top five farmer’s markets in Atlanta by Access Atlanta, Green Market encourages sustainable communities in the most basic way – by providing shoppers with direct access to local farmers and small businesses. Come walk the market and enjoy the fun every Saturday from 9 am – 1 pm.

Enjoy local farmers, bakers, jams, preserves and artisan goods. There is something for everyone. While you shop, you can enjoy prepared foods and drinks for breakfast and lunch. The market features local live music, chef demonstrations and a board-certified dietitian will be demonstrating on health and wellness utilizing market produce.  The market also provides a kid-friendly activity center for those with small children.

If it is raining Green Market will be held in the Community Center. Dogs are welcome.

CANCELED: Pull for Piedmont

Join us in making Piedmont Park a more beautiful place! With 200+ acres to care for, we need your help to enhance and maintain Atlanta’s favorite greenspace for the more than 4 million people who visit it each year. This fun event is more than just a volunteer opportunity, it’s a chance to make a positive impact on the Park while connecting with fellow Park enthusiasts. Sign up now to help with a garden or park clean-up project, then reward yourself at a gathering in the Park featuring a beverage. We will meet in the Welcome Plaza, located outside the bottom entrance of the Sage parking garage.


For more information, click here.