Testing on Treats: Children and Teens Become Scientists for Halloween

For October’s Homeschool Day, students of all ages learned the scientific method with the help of Halloween candy.

K – 5th Grade’s White demo activity, where grade students learned about density, the scientific method and how to make a hypothesis

6th – 12th Grade’s demo activity, where middle and high schoolers learned how to apply the scientific method and create

Walker’s jack-o-lantern, featuring a hydrogen peroxide solution.

Dana Buskovitz, education coordinator, and Kaycee Walker, assistant education coordinator, collaborate together on a science lesson plan for each Homeschool Day, which started one year ago.

“We started Homeschool Day because we wanted to reach out to all students,” Dana said.

The lesson plan was Halloween inspired, just in time for the upcoming holiday. However, there was a twist.

Grade school students hypothesized which candy bars would sink or float.

Middle and high schooler students hypothesized which type of solvents would dissolve candy corn the fastest.

Students were not allowed to eat the candy! But they were able to play with their food as they performed science experiments.

Grade schoolers completed a STEM challenge to construct a cube from gummy drops and toothpicks.

Middle and high schoolers built catapults out of forks, spoons, popsicle sticks and rubber bands. They then competed in a candy corn launching contest to see whose would go the farthest.

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Author: Jessica Vue


Winter, I Wonder, Land! Distance Learning Day in Piedmont Park

Distance Learning Days with Piedmont Park Conservancy

Once a month, the Conservancy will host a themed “Distance Learning Day” where homeschool students, distance learning students, and any other interested students can come to Piedmont Park for a field trip. Groups will be kept socially distanced from one another for the program. Maximum capacity is 30 students. Use the link below to reserve your spot today!


December 15th: Winter, I Wonder, Land!

Have you ever wondered about some of the most classic winter phenomena? How do animals stay warm, how does snow form? Why does salt help with ice? Answer these questions and more with us!


Daily Schedule

10:00am- Check in begins for first program

10:30am-12:00pm: Kindergarten-5th grade Program

12:00pm- Check in begins for second program

12:30pm-2:00pm: Middle/High School Program


Additional Information

  • Please plan to wear a mask during your educational experience, and keep socially distanced from other student groups.
  • Program cost is $7 per student. Payment is due at check-in. Cash or check payment preferred. Card payment accepted with 3% transaction fee.
  • Picnic areas in the Park are available on a first-come-first-serve basis; bring sack lunches to enjoy before or after your program!
  • We look forward to having your students in the Park for Distance Learning Day. For more information or questions regarding the program please contact the Education Coordinator, Dana Buskovitz / 404-875-7275 ext. 325