Piedmont Park comes alive as you experience the Park with your kids. Before you begin your park adventure, download the following worksheets for your children. Explore the unique animal tracks in the brush. How well did you score on the scavenger hunt? Can you answer the following questions? Have fun and good luck finding the answers during your day at the Park.

A Bug’s Eye View: Atlanta Science Festival Activity

What would the world look like from a bug’s eye view? Check out this at-home activity below to find out!

Fun Printables

Animal Tracks

Piedmont Park is home to wildlife. In addition to the human visitors like yourself, many other animals with fur, feathers and scales visit or live in the Park. Use this guide to identify animals by their tracks!

Scavenger Hunt
How well do you know Piedmont Park? Test your Park knowledge and observation skills with this exciting scavenger hunt!

Tiger Swallowtail
You might find this bright yellow butterfly here in the Park. The tiger swallowtail is Georgia’s state butterfly! Print and decorate the sheet to match your butterfly to this state symbol. Teachers and parents with students will enjoy the life cycle stages activity as well.

Habitat Hunt “I Spy”
This worksheet is a great opportunity for Park visitors of all ages, even those who are not yet reading, to look at the Park in a different way. Play “I Spy” while identifying colors, shapes and different living things found in Piedmont Park.

Market Basket Hat
Learn about healthy fruits and veggies for your next visit to Green Market. Create a fun hat to wear displaying foods farmers bring to market. Add fruits and veggies of your own too!

Habitat Safari
On your next trip to Piedmont Park, use this scavenger hunt to learn more about the Park and the wildlife who make their homes here.

Nature Hunt
Use this worksheet to create a “fortune teller.”  This special park fortune teller provides an opportunity for a different nature walk each time you use it. Use your observation skills and explore the Park!