Behind the Stalls: Celebrating Lorenzo’s 20th Anniversary

“Watch your step,” he warned as a team member was walking down the stairs, leading to the freshly mopped floors.

Lorenzo was in the middle of doing his daily clean up. After taking out the trash, mopping the floors and cleaning all the bathrooms in Piedmont Park, he was only halfway done with his job for the day.

“In a way, Lorenzo touches everybody, because the bathrooms are the first thing people look for when they come to the Park,” Terrell Henderson, Piedmont Park Conservancy’s Director of Special Events and Outreach said. “We always get compliments on how good the bathrooms are for a public park.”

Twenty years ago, Lorenzo was working for the City of Atlanta as a professional landscaper when he met Chris Nelson, the former COO of the Conservancy.

“It seemed like a nice organization,” Lorenzo recalled. “Chris said, ‘work with us.’ I told him, ‘Give me two more weeks, and I’ll be there.”

It has been history ever since. Now Lorenzo continues to do his favorite work, maintaining the park and making it “real clean” through landscaping and cleaning all the bathrooms in the Park, which he does every day.

After his clean up, he joins the other landscapers and helps with tasks such as raking the leaves, changing the doggy bags, or picking up litter in places that most people rarely pay attention. Driving in the golf cart, he always waves hello to passersby and asks them how they are doing.

“I like to see the outside, the Park beautified, the change in colors, the butterflies, birds and nice people coming through the Park,” Lorenzo said.

lorenzo holding card

A Christmas Card from Lorenzo’s Favorite Person from the Park

As one of the longest working employees of the Conservancy, Lorenzo was able to witness how the Park has improved over the years alongside him. Lorenzo hopes to continue to see improvements in the Park and believes that he will work at the Conservancy until he retires.

“I just like being here.”

The Conservancy is thankful for Lorenzo continuing service at the Park and are looking forward to seeing him for hopefully another 20 years. Thank you, Lorenzo!

Author: Jessica Vue

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