Greener Than Ever Before
New ltrees, grass, paths and benches in the restored Oak Hill.

While completing Master Plan restoration projects, the Conservancy has added/restored approximately 67 acres of new grass/sod and also…

•  Reduced the amount of impervious surface in the park by
narrowing roadways by 2 to 3 feet and creating green medians along the edge of roadways.
•  Planted more than 600 trees (conservatively estimated at $300,000) in the last 5 years alone.
•  Invested $300,000 to care for more than 1,000 mature trees in the park including pruning, deep fertilization, insect/disease control and kudzu removal.
•  Implemented a tree identification program to better manage and care for park trees.
•  Planted native plants around the lake edge including littoral shelves, water based plants that provide habitat and food for wildlife.