Meet Mary Yetter, Green Market Manager
Mary Yetter, Green Market Manager
Mary Yetter, Green Market Manager
Piedmont Park Conservancy

Are you from Atlanta?
Mary: No, I am originally from Nebraska and I have lived internationally in East Central Africa, Thailand, and London before moving to Atlanta 7 years ago.

How did you come to manage the Green Market?
Mary: I have been an avid gardener for many years and over the past few years I have been building my skills in gardening through volunteering at a working farm, participating in my neighborhood farmers markets, and participating in local food advocacy. During this time I have been developing relationships with farmers, market organizers, and local food advocacy organizations. One of these relationships was with the previous Green Market Manager and I was fortunate that the position was open, and it was a perfect match for my professional skills and passion for local food.

Why are farmers markets important to the community?
Mary:  Farmers markets provide an important link between the farmer and the population. Over the past few decades foods has become further and further from the source and this affects our health and wellbeing. For example many people have not ever had a farm fresh tomato or egg. Farmers market provides better access to high quality fresh foods and you can speak directly with the farmer, thus building peoples understanding of the seed to table process. In addition farmers markets support nutrition education, preserve traditional foods, and create a sense of community.