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Green Market – Vendors
Piedmont Park Map
Green Market vendor showing fresh farm eggs.

March 21 – Mid-December 2015
Saturdays only 9am-1pm

Applications for the 2015 Green Market are available below.
For questions please e-mail market@piedmontpark.org.

How to Become a Vendor
Thank you for your interest in Green Market. Please follow these steps to find out how to become a vendor.

This market is a local farmers market with the focus on local, healthy, food. Green Market is a supporter of local entrepreneurs from the Atlanta area, such as farms, bakeries, meats, cheese makers and specialty food producers. This market strives to create a diverse market with the highest quality of locally produced products.

1. Find Out If You Qualify
Green Market is a food and farm centric market. We strive to be a producer’s only market with locally grown and artisan quality locally sourced and produced foods.

The Green Market does NOT accept the following types of vendors:
  • Vitamins or nutrient supplements
  • Energy drinks
  • Carnival-like foods, overly processed and or fried foods
  • Non-food items not grown and processed by the producer (plants, flowers, herbal tinctures, candles, body products)
  • Genetically modified crops
  • Meat and dairy products treated with growth hormones
  • Gyms and or boot camp promotions
The Green Market DOES accept the following types of vendors:
  • Farmers of produce, meats, eggs, honey, mushrooms, flowers etc.
  • Creameries
  • Bakers
  • Plant producers
  • Handmade body products (space is limited to two)
  • Prepared foods that are healthy and locally produced
  • Value added farm products
2. Learn the Rules And Regulations of the Green Market

3. If you think you qualify fill out the appropriate application.

4. Once the Application has been reviewed a status notification will be emailed directly to you. This process may take 1 to 3 weeks.

5. All new vendors must attend the New Vendor Orientation.

As an inquiring vendor I am sure you have many questions. To answer those questions we have a Rules And Regulations PDF that outlines important information you should know about becoming a vendor. For additional information email Mary Yetter at market@piedmontpark.org, call 404.875.7275 x 323.

If you think you qualify as a Green Market vendor, download the appropriate 2015 application:
  Farmer and Plant Producer Vendor Application
  Live Stock, Dairy and Eggs Vendor Application
  Processed & Prepared Foods and Bath & Body Products
Vendor Application
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