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  Sabesky & Levine Wedding in the Park
Couple Dances in Greystone
Ceremony and Reception at Greystone on October 4, 2009.

Marya Sabesky and Drew Levine

How did the two of you meet?
We met in the sink aisle at Home Depot, three years ago...
I had just closed on my condo that morning and was searching for a new sink; Drew was buying kitchen cabinets and counter-tops for his house.  I had a question about the sink I was looking to buy and Drew was conveniently standing right behind me, so I asked him if he worked there.  He didn't.  I apologized and turned back around and then heard him say "I know a thing or two about sinks."

We spent the next 45 minutes walking around Home Depot, picking out sinks, cabinets and counter-tops and then Drew asked for my number.  He was sweet, funny and handsome - how could I resist? We now live in the house with the kitchen cabinets and counter-tops that we picked out together, on the first day we met.

Ceremony - Greystone

Why were you drawn to Greystone for your special day?
Drew and I have always spent a lot of time at the park, running, playing tennis, concerts, art shows, farmer's market, etc. and we thought it would be the perfect spot to get married. We also love the water, and the fact that Greystone is the only event facility on the water in the city of Atlanta, was an added bonus. Finally, we are proud supporters of the Piedmont Park Conservancy, and we were delighted to know that the funds we paid for the Greystone facility would help to support the Conservancy.

What was your favorite reception moment?
Hands down, Drew's grandmother's speech. We had no idea she was going to give a toast, but she kept it short and sweet and said "May all your ups and downs be in the bedroom". Everyone burst out into loud laughter - it was priceless!

Couple in Main Hall, Greystone

Would you recommend Piedmont Park venues to other couples?
We would definitely recommend the Conservancy venues. We truly enjoyed working with Rebecca and Barbara and the rest of the staff.  They were very organized and extremely helpful, and our wedding was a well-run event. In addition, the venues are beautiful, and with the spectacular backdrop of Piedmont Park, how could you go wrong!

Thanks for your help!

Photos are by Our Labor of Love Photography,